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We’ve built a company built on excellent in customer service, professional transport and policies designed with our customers in mind.


It's my first time using a moving firm, I really didn't know what to do. I called a great deal of businesses and only Army Movers would give me a straight and reassuring answer. These folks are nothing but professional.I don't think anyone could offer a simpler move than they did!


You guys ought to also try their service. These experts are also excellent, which is why I employed them two times already. Obtaining a estimate is simple and they possess a capable and well skilled workers, that makes an enormous big difference.

Christian in New Hampshire

Army Movers aided us relocate our law offices, which was no small task. It absolutely was incredible how they have been able to transfer all that stuff so easy breezy. When I may find myself in the same situation, I am going to contact them again for a help.

Peter in California

Spencer and Justin, employees of the company have truly provided us what we are worthy of. I didn't know if it could get any better, but when we are asked to pay for an amount lesser than we expected, things just turned out even way better. Great moving experience and would certainly use again!


Army Movers truly deserve an appreciation and commendation. We by no means felt complete before we moved. I truly feel secure in telling that it might have been a complete catastrophe without the help of Army Movers. I really thank you a great deal.

Lamar in Florida

I surveyed around to obtain an approximate expense before my family moved to Florida. Thankfully, I found out concerning Army Movers from a buddy who had employed their service a couple years back. It is a really great thing knowing about them. It was the best, simplest, and most convenient move ever. Awesome work!

Dan S., Ohio realtor

I have always been confident recommending Army Movers to my customers who are moving right after buying their own homes and they've never been disappointed. The moving business surely has some ethical issues and it's nice to know that there are still good quality, trusted movers out there. Absolutely, they don't put anything in their service but the enthusiasm to give help.

Tri in California

They are punctual, professional and friendly! All through the journey,Army Movers they were always with us and they're great in what they are carrying out. These guys are true professionals. Trudy at Army Movers is really good with customer support, they made us feel very knowledgeable with what they were carrying out.

Beth M.

Most members of a military family are accustomed to relocating in one place to another though it's certainly a tough truth, and I am actually one of them. Numerous moving companies may have swarm around the world but Army Movers will still dominate them all. It was a complete-packaged service, they delivered in a timely manner and the people moving our things were excellent. They surround everybody with overwhelming atmosphere and maximum attention.