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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Army Movers Determine the Pricing?

If you want to reach your final price, Army Movers will base your estimate on a matrix which will incorporate numerous aspects. Things that will affect your price quote include the weight or volume of your possessions, the distance being moved and the time-frame specified. The total cost of your move will raise if there are extra services and any special handlings that may occur. This would also cover the personal requests for items which are expensive or valuable and also, for several other supplies you may utilize when relocating.

When is the Best Time for Me to Begin Planning?

There is no such thing as too advance when you are making your move with Army Movers. We recommend providing yourself six to eight weeks from your moving date to get every single thing ready and handle any surprises--and there will be a few--that you might need to address along the way. The problem might occur if you will give yourself less time.

Does the Army Movers Move All Kinds of Stuffs?

Definitely, several things can't be transferred legally by the moving professionals at Army Movers. Plants, pets, combustibles, weapons, perishables, poisons, and contents under pressure are some stuffs that is contain in this list. Bleach, charcoal and motor oil are also on the listing.

Are Valuables, Antiques, and High Value Things Can be Transported by US Moving Companie

s? Certainly! Moving valuable, antique or rare things is a prime reason why lots of individuals get the services of a professional moving firm such as Army Movers in the first place. One other thing that you must think about is the worry it would give you if you move your treasured things without the assistance of pro movers. Pro movers such as Army Movers not just have experience transporting high value loads, but also comprise insurance that covers your possessions while they are in our care. Other than that, you can also monitor your things whenever they are being transported through the Army Movers's satellite tracking technology.

Is Army Movers Able to Move My Appliances As well?

Certainly, appliances should also be serviced, cleaned out, and turned off first before loading. If you need to have assistance searching for an expert to arrange your appliances for moving, Army Movers can put you in touch with a competent technician in your place.

Must I Tip Professional Movers?

It is usual that you give tip to moving experts, though it is not expected, but it is usually good to give them so that they can have something to spend when they want to eat or drink. Just offer them foods and drinks that you've got, nothing fancy. Even though you're giving the movers each a to tip, you should give the total to their supervisor.

Must I Be There on the Date the Move Will Be?

Your presence is required on the day that the packing will begin, although a representative will do. This is to make certain that all your requests will be achieved by Army Movers. It is better that you're there to make the decisions that the movers may need you to make. Either you contact us for free consultation or complete the quote form for your move to begin right now. You would not be sorry for doing so.